Help a young reader build a personal library


Our mission is to help young readers build a personal library around their interest. Our book-buying experiences give young readers the opportunity to discover their passions and ultimately have a better opportunity for success.

91% of students say their favorite books are the ones they choose themselves.

Reading—and not just literacy, but reading for pleasure—holds a direct correlation to children’s and teens’ educational success. Unfortunately, for many kids, reading is a luxury. Children in low-income households and schools don’t have the privilege of walking into a bookstore to discover their own reading interests or experience what a new book has to offer.

Unlock Hearts promotes literacy by providing book buying experiences to inspire a new generation of readers.


Money for Books


Young readers are given a stipend to buy books of their choice. Each month we meet at a book store and UH mentors help young readers navigate the book store to find books that support their passion.

Book-buying experiences are a luxury. Reading for pleasure holds a direct correlation to educational success. 

Film a Book Review


Young readers are invited back to film book reviews for the books they purchased.  By producing a book review, students are able to connect with their new literature and inspire others.

We encourage our young readers who are interested to edit and publish their own reviews with the help of a mentor.

Build a Personal Library


After a couple months in our program, young readers are able to exponentially grow their personal collection of books. Mission accomplished.

Building and maintaining a personal library is proven to have long-term impact on education success. Allowing young readers to strength  their passions with literature.